When I got a new puppy in August 2015 I knew that he deserved to be well trained. I also knew that to accomplish this I needed help. I contacted Erin. She came over to our home and met with me and JoJo. She explained her full range of services. She was professional, very knowledge, and flexible. Our two agreed upon initial goals for JoJo were: 1) have him learn to sit on a mat and stay there while we are eating and 2) to stay 10 feet away from the front door when someone comes to visit. Erin worked (and played) with JoJo for one hour/eight times over the course of four weeks. During these four weeks, she also met with me and JoJo together (one time per week for 20 minutes). We accomplished our goals! Additionally, Erin pet-sits JoJo when we travel and pet-walks him over the noon hour when I can't get home from work. I trust and highly recommend Erin Topp. It has been an excellent experience working with her.
Nancy Carroll
Ames, IA


In June of 2014 we brought home our 8-week old mini-goldendoodle puppy Kona. We had lost our 10-year-old dog in March and we just couldn’t be without a dog in the house, so we chose to get a new dog, but this time, I wanted to make sure we had a trained pup since I remember the struggles we had with our puppy 10 years earlier. I was referred by a friend to Erin Topp and called her and she immediately began training Kona. First of all, Kona LOVED Erin; she was just amazing with her. Erin’s skills and expertise surpassed our expectations and Kona to this day still knows most of her commands and tricks. Granted, we as owners sometimes are the ones that need the most training and need to stay on top of things and not allow bad habits, as there are some days I want to call Erin back to the house. She trained on commands like sit, stay, come and also trained with walking on a leash. Erin also would take Kona out and about to help socialize her, which I think helped a ton. She loves going in the car. It was so comforting for Erin to come to our home and do the training, sometimes with us home and sometimes not. When we were not home, it was nice because we had to be gone for work and it gave Kona some time to get attention and activity while we were out. She also took her for a weekend to her house when we all had to be out of town which was very comforting. Erin went above and beyond, I also had Kona do some other training for more socialization upon Erin’s suggestion and Erin offered and took her one day to this training because we were having company. I would definitely recommend Erin to anyone, it is money well spent for a better behaved dog.
Dawn Ledin
Ankeny, IA


I now live in Florida, but when I lived in Ames, Iowa, I never had to worry about my dogs being well cared for when I took them to Erin Topp for boarding. They got fed, excercised, loved, and medicines if they were taking any at the time. I even had to leave my beloved Maggie the Corgi with Erin right after she tore an ACL. I was gone nearly 2 weeks and Maggie was walking almost normally by the time I got home because Erin made sure she go the crate rest she needed to heal. Erin takes dog training and care very seriously and one could not ask for a better place to board their pet.
Judi Concanon


We are so grateful to have Erin as a dog walker for our two dogs, Jack and Rudy. Erin is very dependable, so we never have to worry about Jack and Rudy. Erin is also very flexible, changing schedules with little notice when things come up. To top it all off, Jack and Rudy love going on walks with Erin. I'm not sure what we would do without her!
Paul and Karen Bergquist
Ames, IA


We have used Topp Canine Solutions for training, pet sitting, and dog walking services. Erin has always been professional, knowledgable, trustworthy, and we know our dogs love her. Our dogs are our fur babies & we hate to leave them, but knowing we can leave them with Erin makes us at ease when we have to be away. We love that she will come to our house & give our dogs the exercise they need on those long days they have to be home alone. We have made leaps & bounds of progress with Erin's help training our dogs. We love that she is able to customize a training program to work for you & your dog. We highly recommend Topp Canine Solutions to anyone, whether you're at your wits end with your dog's behavior or your dog just needs a walking buddy.
Matthew and Devin Donner
Ankeny, IA