Training Philosophy

Think Positive!

Dog training should be a fun and happy experience for you and your dog. After all, we want our canine companions to enjoy being with us as much as we enjoy being with them! With that goal in mind, Topp Canine Solutions uses positive reinforcement to teach your dog what behaviors are appropriate (as well as those that aren’t) in a friendly, fun manner. Rewarding the desired dog behavior makes that behavior more likely to occur in the future and is one of the most powerful tools you can use to shape or change your dog’s habits. Positive reinforcement builds trust and is fundamental for developing a successful relationship with your dog.


We employ the use of treats, toys, or other positive actions as a reward. Every dog is a unique individual with different motivations and our goal is to find that thing that sparks an interest in your dog to learn. The dog should be a willing and eager participant in the training process making it a shared experience between you and your dog.

Our emphasis is on having fun and building dedicated human-canine relationships. We want families to completely enjoy their lives with their dogs.